Katy Perry Spits Chicken All Over Japanese Morning Show

Japan has always been on the cutting edge of new technology and sexual fetishes. This is the country that gave us video games, bukakke, optical discs and those cartoons where a woman gets banged by a demon octopus. What I’m saying is it’s a pretty great country. Now Japan has even surpassed us in morning shows, stealing our best American Idol hosts to engage in poultry-related stunts.

If this is a new fetish, I’m not on board. I know you’ve got mosaic censorship technology, Japan, this would be a great place to use it. No one needs to see Katy Perry dressed up as a sexy Spider-Gwen spitting out half a dozen Lawson’s karaage chicken nuggets. Well, I’m sure someone does, but they’re probably wanted for questioning by the police. Seriously, this is the second-weirdest thing I’ve ever seen happen after someone ate something on Japanese TV.

You know what you did, Japan. Go sit in the corner and think about it.

For what it’s worth, Perry’s full appearance on Sukkiri is available on YouTube. It’s pretty interesting, she talks about her interest in Japan going back to her being a little girl who got lost in a hotel elevator and was rescued by a group of Japanese girls who gave her cola-flavored gummy bears and took her to the hotel pool to wait for her parents. There’s also a retrospective of her career with her past appearances on Sukkiri and she performs the song “Act My Age” from her new album.

I never realized Katy Perry was so charming, honestly. The cutest moment might be when she mispronounces the name of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and when her translator corrects her, she calls herself “gaijin” and her translator again corrects her again with the word “gaikokujin”, a less-rude term for foreigner that Katy repeats almost exasperatedly, but it’s adorable.

I mean, the chicken thing is the main attraction if you’re into that, you sick fucks. But look at how joyful and energetic this morning show is compared to American morning shows. Today just had Matt Lauer trapping guests with a rape button, and they’ve replaced that with Megyn Kelly talking to people raped by Harvey Weinstein. Somebody throw a pie!

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