Pamela Anderson Claims Harvey Weinstein Blacklisted Her and She Probably Banged Putin

Pamela Anderson had some interesting things to say when she was interviewed by walking garbage-fire Piers Morgan for his Life Stories program on ITV, but those of us across the pond will have to settle for excerpts provided by The Sun, which is not the tabloid Morgan worked at that hacked all those people’s voicemails when he was editor.

Anderson implied she was blacklisted by Harvey Weinstein, who has done that sort of thing in the past.

Pamela also revealed she believes her film career was destroyed by disgraced mogul Harvey Weinstein because she answered back to him.

She added: “He was not inappropriate to me in a sexual way.

“But over the phone he was threatening. And I didn’t work again because I stood up to him.”

This seems like a lot of unnecessary work for Harv. We know he’s a piece of s**t and that he absolutely did his best to destroy the careers of women who didn’t sleep with him, but Harvey didn’t make Anderson star in Barb Wire. Anyone who has seen Anderson act can attest to the fact that Weinstein probably isn’t the reason Spielberg never called.

Morgan also asked Anderson about her relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Coy Pamela shocked the studio audience during her interview on Piers Morgan’s show by hinting at a possible romance with ­Russian president Vladimir Putin.

She first came into contact with the then-PM in 2009 when she successfully ­lobbied him to ban the hunting of seals and importing products made from their fur.

Pamela revealed Putin, 65, then invited her to his presidential inauguration in 2012 as his special guest.

But when quizzed over whether she had a relationship with the Russian, her teasing denials clearly surprised the audience.

She said: “No . . . no, but he wanted me to actually come to his inauguration and give him flowers. I was going to give him flowers on his inauguration.

“No, I did not do that. But there has been some . . . obviously we have been in the same place together ­sometimes.”

And when the studio audience began to gasp, she added: “It’s starting to feel surreal to me too. Am I lying? Am I telling the truth? I don’t know.”

When Piers pushed her further on rumours of a romantic liaison, she concluded: “I have a great relationship with Russia. Yes.”

They totally fucked, but Pam Anderson is no fool. She doesn’t want to embarrass Putin and wake up with two scoops of polonium-210 in her Raisin Bran. Personally, I’m really looking forward to a 500-tweet thread on Twitter where Eric Garland explains how Stacked and Stripperella were pro-Russian propaganda and an assault on Western democracy after Anderson talked about knowing the Russian president. It’s time for some boob theory.

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