Piers Morgan is Leaving ‘Good Morning Britain’ to Spend More Time Hating Meghan Markle

The Queen was not expected to issue a statement about Meghan and Harry’s interview with Oprah, but she did. And the contents of that statement were particularly shocking because she came as close you can expect the Queen to come to apologizing to Meghan and Harry. Someone, probably Charles or Anne, is going to get an earful.

A lot of people in the UK are mad at the Sussexes, though, for whatever reason, and one of those people is Piers Morgan. The background for this is that Piers and Meghan Markle were very good friends until she started dating Prince Harry, and which point she immediately stopped all contact with him.

That information might paint Markle in a bad light, but something you have to understand is that even though he denies having had any knowledge of it, Morgan was implicated in a voicemail hacking scandal that included members of the Royal Family having their phones hacked. It seems incredibly likely that Meghan wasn’t allowed to talk to Morgan by the Palace and after breaking away his behavior wouldn’t have left her with much desire to speak to him.

Morgan hates the Sussexes so much that he quit his TV show, Good Morning Britain, because the weatherman suggested he not hate them so much.

See, the thing about Piers Morgan is… he’s a twat. Just a massive bellend. All you need to do is realize that Morgan said he believed Meghan may have been lying about having suicidal thoughts to know that he is without a doubt the biggest knob in the door store.

See, Piers could have remained an understanding friend to Meghan. He has to realize the phone-hacking scandal is why she wasn’t talking to him, and hearing all the stories about how little freedom she was afforded should have clued him in to the situation, but he just got more bitter and unreasonable about it. Because he’s Piers Morgan.

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3 years ago

I say interview the chickens. Meghan rescued them and they will know what kind of person she is. Don’t do the interview on anything titled “Good Morning…”, because “boxers or briefs?” doesn’t get us where we need to be.