Ashley Greene Celebrates Bachelorette Party by Taking Off Her Top

Best bachelorette party ever. This past Friday, Ashley Greene took four of her besties onto a boat for her bachelorette party. On the boat, she convinced them to all drop their tops for Instagram. What a champ.

Bachelorette antics…

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Instagram needs those 360 degree videos. I’m only seeing 180 degrees; that’ll do for now though.

According to US Weekly, hairstylist Joseph Chase filmed these topless girls. Here he is giving Greene a huge hug.

It’s the the first time I’ve ever been envious of someone who does hair.

Greene, 31, also posed for a another photo with her friend. In this one, both had on their bikinis.

I’ve never heard of her fiance, Paul Khoury.

Greene and Khoury have been dating for over four years and now he’s marrying Greene. Research tells me he’s some Australian personality and also Liam Hemsworth’s best friend. Score one for the Aussies.

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5 years ago

He’s not an Aussie. He’s some unemployed poser from New Jersey who makes bracelets and hangs out with Hemsworth.