Footage Surfaces of ‘Cops’ Boom Operator Being Shot to Death by Police

Bryce Dion was a boom mic operator on Cops, the show about police tackling shirtless rednecks that has somehow managed to stay on the air for what seems like 100 years at this point, even though they never air the parts where the cops throw drugs into the trunk of a car they just pulled over and then act surprised and go “Well, what do we have here?”

In 2014, when he was filming with police in Omaha, Nebraska, he was shot dead by police who fired off 30 rounds at a robber inside of a Wendy’s. I thought the Wendy’s tweet saying “Unlike the innocent bystander the police just killed in our restaurant, we never ice our 100% fresh prime beef,” was kind of tasteless.

Well, now a judge ordered the footage of the shooting be released, so you can watch it if you’d like. Bear in mind you are going to see an innocent man die because of some Keystone Cops levels of police buffoonery if you do.

I was pretty shocked that the police would seemingly fire randomly in the direction of the crew that was following them around; the guy doesn’t even look like an unarmed black man minding his own business. The video cuts off before the officers plant a gun on the mic operator’s corpse and yell “stop resisting!” as he bleeds out.

By the way, despite the fact that the armed suspect they fired every bullet they had in their guns at was trying to run away and they missed him completely while killing Dion, they were found to have done nothing wrong and people still generally think it’s a good idea for police to be armed at all times.

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