UFC’s Andrea Lee’s Coach/Husband Is Sorry About His Nazi Tats

Andrea “KGB” Lee posted a photo of herself and her husband/coach Donny Aaron by the lake last Friday. Things were going well until people’s eyes tracked to Donny’s left arm where there sat a swastika tattoo. And as we all know, Nazis have been getting a bad rap since the 1930s.

Some more digging later and people found out he also has an SS tattoo on his right forearm. Much like his ink, things were not looking good.

Cries of “Nazi” quickly spread around Twitter which forced Donny to issue an apology. An apology that was sort of lackadaisical. “These ‘scars’ tell my history which include a dark time when I was in prison,” he wrote. “However, they do not accurately represent who I am today as a person, my personal belief system and the respect I have for people of all races and religion. For 13 years I have tried to atone for my sins and seek forgiveness from those who most certainly find my body reprehensible. I’ve, in most cases, gone to great lengths to always wear long sleeves in public setting.”

Of course, many responded that he could, you know, just get a cover-up tattoo or laser removal. Maybe even ask this guy if he’s hurting for cash. But according to his apology, he’s explored these avenues and neither is an option for him. His prison friends hate traitors, probably.

Meanwhile, Andrea Lee also came to his defense. She used the trusty old “we can’t be racist because we have a lot of ethnic friends” line. You’d think in 2018 someone would come up with something better.

Alright, listen. First, who calls their friends “ethnic”? That like one step away from saying they know a lot of colored folk. Second, Jesus, she called her friends ethnic. Andrea later released her final apology. One that was a little more thought out and was actually run through a PR person.

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