Bella Thorne Still Wants Attention, Still Showing Off Her Breasts

Gotta get those likes. Bella Thorne took her top off again and showed off her boobs. A strategically placed arm covered up enough nipple to pass this pic through Instagram.

She captioned it “I love you” to match the tattoo that’s scrawled across the back of her shoulder.

Interestingly she had the exact same pose 7 months ago to celebrate getting that “I love you” tattoo in the first place.

That tattoo might as well read “Please remember me.” Or “I’m still important, right?”

Thorne probably comes off as low-maintenance to her fans. There were rumors though about her diva-like behavior on the set of her recently cancelled show, Famous in Love.

Supposedly, Thorne butted heads with one of the showrunners. She also did her best to get off the show by not doing things like participating in studio-organized live-tweets. Not sure why she wanted off the show, not like she’s got that much work waiting for her. She seems to fill most of her time by showing people her breasts and like, being alive I guess.

If Freeform, the producer of Famous in Love wanted Thorne to promote the show, they should’ve played to her strengths. Those boobs and nipples. Look at Midnight Sun. When that movie starring her and Patrick Schwarzenegger came out, she made sure her nipples did the promo-ing.

Overall, though, she’s still less annoying than someone like Logan Paul. So, you know, good for her?

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