Beyonce Looks like a Peasant Up On Stage

Beyonce believes she runs the world. But this stage in Poland owned her on Sunday.

How come she didn’t just float down like a Goddess?

While being stuck on the floating stage that had enough of Beyonce’s s**t, she sort of tried to entertain the crowd.

She did like six hip thrusts and people went wild. No one woman should have all that power.

Jay-Z and Beyonce are still in Europe for the first leg of their “On The Run II” tour. They’ll have had a couple of days off before they hit the stage again on July 3 in Germany. Hopefully that gives the technical people enough time to get the floating stage fixed. Or come up with a better solution to get her down.

Nothing kills the aura of a Queen like needing five people and a ladder to help you down from high places.

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