Bhad Bhabie and Bella Thorne Team Up to Kill a Child Predator

In case you were wondering, Bhad Bhabie is still around. Sadly, her lame feud with Woah Vicky did not end with both of them just going away forever.

Bhabie aka Danielle Bregoli aka The Cash Me Ousside Girl has released her new video for “Trust Me” featuring a cameo by Bella Thorne.

Bhabie, looking like an older version of a young Ariana Grande, plays a female who is stalked by a child predator. But you see, Bhabie is on to this man. Thorne plays her decoy at the park. The man is so stunned that his potential victim looks 19 instead of 15, that he is frozen in his tracks.

Dexter Mor….errr, Bhabie sneaks up behind him. Much like Dexter, there’s no satisfying conclusion to this video. We just assume she kills the man, although the song is about trust and making someone love you. So maybe this video isn’t about catching a child predator. It’s about a child wanting to be the prey on her own terms.

I’m still confused how we’re supposed to be OK with a 15-year-old singing/rapping about “toting the Glock” and “leaving you hot” (that means dead). But, whatever. This is America.

Bregoli and Thorne is the duo you never knew you wanted. And now that they are together, the social media world may never be the same.

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