Did BTS Lead Singer Jungkook Delete Twitter to Make Room for More Anime?

Apparently, there’s been a rumor going around for a while that BTS’s leader singer, Jungkook, deleted Twitter from his phone in order to make room for the anime streaming app Crunchyroll. The rumor had enough traction that Crunchyroll made a video about it for their Twitter account today.

The rumor appears to have first popped up about a year ago, and is based on the fact that Jungkook barely uses Twitter but loves anime.

All the BTS members are anime fans, and anime is big in South Korea. One BTS fan mentioned that Jimin took martial arts because he was so into One Piece, the world’s most popular comic book.

And this Twitter user translated the band’s list of anime programs they watched as children.

Mostly these are popular shows, Dragon Ball and Crayon Shin-Chan being especially popular series all over the world. But Jungkook said he liked a show called Shugo Chara which is about an elementary school girl who gets magical powers like Sailor Moon. And Taehyung watched Full Moon o Sagashite, which is a borderline-traumatic show about a girl who wants to be a singer that is granted powers by an otherworldly mascot character. Sounds like a standard magical girl show, only her magical power is to temporarily not have the throat cancer that is killing her and taking away her ability to sing.

So Jungkook may not have literally deleted Twitter to make room for Crunchyroll, but the odds are good he has Crunchyroll on his phone and not Twitter.

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