Does Caitlyn Jenner Have a 22-Year-Old Girlfriend?

Instagram / Caitlyn Jenner

I remember Caitlyn Jenner taking her divorce from Kris Jenner pretty hard, but she’s apparently moved on to the phase of the breakup where she fucks someone a third her age. 68-year-old Jenner has been spotted around the town with 22-year-old Sophia Hutchins, a recent college grad and golf enthusiast. Rumor has it that the reason Jenner missed her son Brody’s wedding is because she was off somewhere with Hutchins, so she moms about as well as she drives.

Hutchins and Jenner have been coy about their relationship, but Hutchins seemingly confirmed they were dating on her Instagram story.

Of course, she almost immediately started playing coy after copping to being involved with someone.

I’m pretty sure all bets are off on the age gap thing at this point. Woody Allen has been married to Soon Yi Previn for over 20 years and no one seems to bat an eye when they find out French President Emmanuel Macron started dating his wife, who looks suspiciously like his mother, when he was 15 and she was 40 and his teacher.

Anyway, good for Caitlyn Jenner moving on with her life. Just maybe, when you go out together, let Sophia drive.

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