Josh Hader Is a Racist and Homophobic MLB All-Star Tweeting Out ‘KKK’ Among Other Things

Josh Hader served up a home run to Jean Segura in Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game. If only that was the worst thing to happen to him.

In the middle of the game, someone on Twitter dug up some old tweets of Hader’s. If you like your baseball players racist with a side of homophobia, Josh Hader is your new favorite player.

Not to defend Hader, but he is quoting movies/songs in some of those tweets. The tweet with the N-word is a Juicy J lyric. The last tweet is a line from Semi-Pro. That said, he’s still an idiot and garbage person for thinking those are acceptable things to tweet or say.

Hader, now 24, was a teenager when he made those tweets. His excuse of being “young and immature” checks out in this case. Once again, he’s still an idiot and garbage person.

His account was set to private after the tweets resurfaced. Other players in the game may or may not have been on Twitter, seeing all the drama unfold in real time.

MLB is sending Hader to sensitivity training as a punishment. Because that always works.

Dear athletes, delete all your old tweets when you make it to the pros. You don’t want to be competing in front of millions when all of a sudden your tweet about murdering the dude who stole your lunch money in middle school goes viral.

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