Quentin Tarantino, Meryl Streep, George Clooney and Others Try to Block Weinstein Company Sale Because Harvey Never Paid Them

The Weinstein Company is trying to finalize a bankruptcy sale to Lantern Capital, but a new wrinkle has arisen. It turns out that in addition to Harvey Weinstein literally fucking half of Hollywood without consent, Variety is reporting his brother Bob Weinstein and the rest of the Weinstein Company have been trying to metaphorically f**k the other half out of a substantial amount of money.

Lantern has agreed to set aside $8.75 million dollars to pay these debts, but Quentin Tarantino alone claims to be owed nearly half that amount by himself. Other stars filing objections to the sale include Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Meryl Streep.

Each claims that he or she is owed profit participation payments from various films. The stars’ attorneys are raising concerns about a deal reached last Friday between the Weinstein Co., Lantern, and the committee of unsecured creditors. A provision of the agreement gives Lantern another four months after closing to determine which Weinstein Co. contracts to assume. The remaining contracts will be relegated to the Weinstein Co. estate and would be treated as unsecured liabilities. In that case, the stars would likely receive little if any money.

I’m not surprised, it would be just like Harvey Weinstein to give a bunch of actors one last unwanted f**k before heading off to prison. Then again Weinstein seems to think he’s going to be found not guilty and just go back to making movies like the entire world didn’t hear almost every actress in Hollywood other than Lindsey Lohan say he either raped them or tried to rape them. So maybe Harv will insist his brother make good on their debts, he appears to be under the delusion that people like Bill Murray will work with him again in the future.

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