This Night Club Had to Remodel So Shaq Could Fit in It

Shaquille O’Neal is a big guy. Even for a basketball player, being 7’1″ is well above average. So it isn’t that surprising that normal-sized person Joey Morrissey didn’t take Shaq’s massive frame into account when he built his club, HQ2.

According to Page Six, the Atlantic City club has been working to lower the floor under the DJ booth so that Shaq can perform at the club.

So a crew of carpenters have been working tirelessly to lower the floor of the booth by 2 feet so that the legendary baller can squeeze behind the decks. We’re told that at first, Morrissey wanted to just rip the roof off the booth, but an inspection proved it was made of solid steel — making that option even more of a production than lowering the floor.

We’re told that Shaq is due to arrive at the club via helicopter.

I think that’s because Shaq can’t fit in cars or airplanes. Shaq’s DJ name is “DJ Diesel”, a nickname he’s had since he started playing in the NBA. Personally, I think Shaq could have come up with a cooler DJ name. How about “DJ Steel Kazaam”? Or maybe “DJ Blood Mode” after the only way to really play Shaq Fu?

I wanted to dig through Shaq’s IMDB page and pick out some really obscure names from the litany of terrible movies I was sure he had done, but he’s pretty much played himself in everything other than Shazaam and Steel. Although at one point Shaq apparently called himself “Wilt Chamberneezy”, which even if he only said that once is the sort of embarrassment that will follow you around for your entire life.

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