Watch Jenelle Evans Whip Out Gun in Road Rage Fit, Endanger Her Kid Then Lie To the Police

Back in May, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans was involved in a road rage incident that ended with her following a dude to his house and pulling a gun.

Always looking to cash in on controversy, MTV withheld footage of the incident until they could air it on their network. Monday night was the night they finally aired the video.

The video starts with Evans and her son, Jace, discussing the art of the last name. A white pickup truck enters the frame. Rule of thumb, if they drive a white pickup truck, 99 percent of time they are an asshole. The music turns dramatic to let you know s**t is about to get real, and all hell breaks loose.

Evans calls 911, and instead of letting that be the end of it, she decides to go all reality TV and take matters into her own hands. She follows the guy off the highway to where he lives, takes photos, and yells at the dude. In her fit of rage, she backs over his mailbox. Her apology falls on deaf ears as the dude blocks her in and hits her car.

Before all this, Jace threatened to whip the dude with his nerf gun if he tried to hurt his mom. A nerf gun would not suffice for Janelle, who ends up pulling out her real gun. MTV doesn’t show this part, electing to go with screen narration instead. Even MTV has some limits.

We get another chase down the road, which angers Jenelle’s husband, who yells at his wife to not follow him. Showing her maturity, Jenelle hangs up on her husband. Jace looks scared out of his mind the entire time.

A cop pulls Jenelle over and that’s where the episode ends.

Tune in next week to see Jenelle throw Jace into the ocean with sharks. It’s part of a special Teen Mom and Shark Week crossover that shows just how far the moms can go in endangering their children’s lives without child services taking them away.

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