Drake Has Been Given Music’s Highest Honor, His Own Version of Monopoly

Drake was given a custom Monopoly set by the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto and I just can’t get over how perfect this is. Like Drake, Monopoly is exceptionally well-known and pretty much everyone has a Monopoly board or two laying around the house. Also like Drake, despite all the popularity, no one really likes it and it pales in comparison to well-designed games like Ticket to Ride or NWA.

Okay, it is kind of cute, and Page Six explained all the different references the Monopoly set, called the North Side Edition, has to Drake’s career.

… The usual “Chance” card pile is replaced by “God’s Plan,” and the “Community Chest” is swapped out for “Duffle Talk.”

Each denomination of Monopoly money features a picture of Drake’s face, and the property cards call out locations significant to the rapper’s career — such as Sotto Sotto, a restaurant he name-drops in his song “5AM in Toronto.”

It also has a little wheelchair piece to remind everyone that Drake was the wheelchair kid on Degrassi. And that’s after Ashley dumped him for Craig, that should be one of the pieces, too. I would have eternal dibs on Ashley dumping her popular boyfriend for the weird musician kid who lives with Joey Jeremiah.

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