Emily Ratajkowski’s Nipple Goes Out to Dinner

Emily Ratajkowski went out dinner the other night. And someone got a little too hungry.

That nipple just came out at the exact perfect time the picture was snapped. It’s almost like the nipple has a mind of it’s own. It’s so used to being out when the camera is around that it couldn’t help itself.

Ratajkowski blurred the nipple to make it Instagram safe. Instead of, you know, just taking another photo with her nipple tucked in. God bless this woman.

While the nipple slip photo might seem perfect, the ugly “S” necklace stands out. We get it, you’re married to a guy whose name starts with an S. Knock off the PDA. Ugh.

She definitely kept the nipple slip in to distract for that abomination.

When she wasn’t out at dinner, Emily was relaxing on a jet ski.

Of course you should wear a helmet. We can’t have anything happen to Em Rata. She’s a national treasure and must be protected at all costs.

Happy Em Rata Day, everyone.

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