Hayden Panettiere Now Dating a Normal Sized Guy

Hayden Panettiere knocked out Wladimir Klitschko and celebrated on his prone body.

According to US Weekly, the Heroes alum and famed boxer have split after nine years and one kid. Not one to sit around and sulk, Panettiere is already dating some dude named Brian Hickerson.

No one seemed to know about the split from Klitschko. One day, they were together. The next day, Panettiere and Hickerson are spotted having dinner and holding hands. And everyone is like, “Well, I guess she and that boxer are no longer a thing.”

Panettiere and Klitschko had been dating since 2009 and engaged since 2013. They must have been planning the biggest wedding ever at the time of their split.

Not much is known about Hickerson. He’s from South Carolina and moved to Hollywood to be an actor because why else would anyone move to Hollywood? Now he’s riding the Hayden P Money Train and will be appearing in your local DVD bin within months.

Expect Klitschko to come out of retirement for one last fight following this news. Dude has to legally imagine someone as Hickerson and let out some pent up anger.

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