Younes Bendjima Got into a Fight So Real Celebrities Didn’t Have To

Somebody said something nice about Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima snapped.

The one-sided beating took place outside of a West Hollywood restaurant. Drake and Odell Beckham Jr. watched on. One was too afraid to mess up his hair. The other is Beckham Jr.

Someone from Bendjima’s crew jumps in to help, even though Kourtney’s ex seems to have it pretty well handled. A source told TMZ that the victim “talked smack” which really explains nothing.

[Ed. note: Check out Bendjima training his boxing skills on Instagram.]

The victim filed a police report, but then withdrew it. Either he said some real rude s**t and got his ass beat for a reason. Or someone paid him off.

Bendjima is most famous for dating the stable Kardashian sister for a over a year before allegedly cheating on her. Kim and Khloe aired him out on social media over the cheating allegations. He tried his best to ignore them, but can one ever ignore the Kardashians?

The answer is no.

New York Giants fans are sure to be thrilled that Beckham is out partying with Drake just weeks before the season starts. You may remember Beckham and the Giants partying on a yacht prior to a playoff game two seasons ago. Beckham went on to have four catches for 28 yards in the game.

Granted, the season is still two weeks away. But have you ever met a rational thinking New York sports fan?

The answer is no.

As for Drake. He’ll make millions off this incident because. Drake.

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