Here’s Everything You Can Use a Condom for in Cuba

Condoms aren’t just for sex. They also make for excellent medical gloves and balloon animals.

Or, if you’re in Cuba, you can use them to ferment wine and fish. Reuters notes that because there are a shortage of basic goods in Cuba, locals have started using condoms to do everything.

“We can’t allow clients to leave upset that we couldn’t do something because we lacked the tools so instead we look for alternatives,” said Sandra Hernandez, a stylist at a Havana hairdressers, who uses them as hairbands.

Thanks to U.S. trade sanctions and a centralized economy, Cuban markets don’t have everyday goods that we in America take for granted. However, they have an overabundance of condoms, something else Americans take for granted given the number of pregnancies. Cuba is big on promoting sexual health, probably because they don’t want to be overpopulated.

A box of three condoms costs just one Cuban peso.

The best use of condoms comes in the form of fermenting wine. A winemaker said, “It really increases the alcohol percentage and improves the process of fermentation, as well as that of clarification.

You hear that, American winemakers? Cap your wine with a condom so we can get drunk faster.

Here’s a list of everything Cubans use condoms for and things that Americans can use condoms for:

*Sexual health
*Fermenting wine
*Kid prevention
*Gloves and socks
*Water balloons
*Terrible tasting food
*Seriously, preventing kids. I’m tired of seeing these families who have too many kids that they can’t take care of. Wear a condom.
*Sprinkler system
*Grocery bag
*Fermenting beer

If you think about it, condoms are one of the most diverse inventions ever. It’s amazing people only use them once for an average of 2 minutes and then dispose of them. Stop be wasteful, America.

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