Tom Arnold and Mark Burnett Got Into a Real Slobberknocker at Emmy Pre-Party

You know how Tom Arnold has that TV show on Vice where he’s going to open Al Capone’s vault and not find a tape of Trump hiring Russian hookers to piss on a bed because Barack Obama slept in it? Well, Donald Trump’s friend Mark Burnett, who produced The Apprentice, went all Cardi B and attacked Tom Arnold over it at a pre-show party for the Emmys. Seriously.

Tom Arnold isn’t fucking around here, either. Burnett’s wife, Roma Downey, showed a mostly-healed bruise on her hand and claimed she got it when Tom Arnold attacked her and her husband. Arnold replied by telling her he was going to sue her for defamation.

I just want to get this out of the way; there’s no tape of hookers peeing on or around Donald Trump, it’s not a thing that happened. But there’s absolutely all sorts of tapes of Donald Trump acting like an asshole and saying racist things on the set of The Apprentice. How can I say that with certainty? Well, Penn Jillette, a former contestant, said that Donald Trump was a huge asshole who said racist things on the set all the time.

Tom Arnold actually filed a police report, something I doubt he’d do if he had attacked Burnett instead of the other way around. And he has friends in his corner.

Now, rumors are floating around that Ronan Farrow has damaging tapes of Trump from The Apprentice, which is going to make Tom Arnold’s show really funny in an ironic way if they get released and the guy with the TV show looking for them didn’t find them. The poor man had to have sex with Roseanne Barr, he’s suffered enough.

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