Buffalo Bills Fans Have Been Throwing Dildos at Tom Brady for Years, Got a Record Number This Week

Did you know Bills fans throw dildos at the Patriots whenever they play in Buffalo? As someone who both watches football and hates Tom Brady, I don’t know how I’m just finding this out, but it’s amazing.

Man, I love that ref just sort of casually kicking that thing out of the back of the end zone. Just to be a referee in the NFL you need ten years experience as a ref, you need to know the NFL rule book, you have to be in shape enough to run the length of the field multiple times in a game AND you have to take a class in how to make s**t like the Tuck Rule up on the spot in case the Patriots are in danger of losing a game. Imagine going through all of that and then going viral for kicking a rubber cock.

ESPN host Katie Nolan pointed something very interesting out about these smuggled dildos that ended up on the field.

I mean, if you’re going to hide a dildo, it’s at least the right shape for “elsewhere.” But next year someone with an arm that actually hit Brady in the face with a dildo needs to be the one to throw them.

I mean, come on, it’s got his name on it and it even kind of looks like Brady.

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