Kanye West Isn’t Crazy, Has Mensa Level IQ

NBC / Jimmy Kimmel

A sleep deprived Kanye West returned to Twitter in a 9 minute rant from Africa to tell us he’s not crazy and that he doesn’t want people touching his brain. In fact, he just got back his IQ score and it’s Mensa level. A minimum Mensa level score is 130.

He goes on about some other stuff, but like every one of Kanye’s rants, you shut it off 2 minutes in and try to push everything you just heard out of your mind because stupidity could be contagious.

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5 years ago

God help this mentally ill man. He just doesn’t get it. Kim needs to leave him until he gets the real help he needs. Never have I seen or heard of someone so narcissistic and only thing I can think of is that he just isn’t right. Cannot fathom any other reason because I just don’t want to believe there are actual people out there like him. He has brought Kim down. She and kids need to be protected from him. He just never stops and thinks he is the greatest genius ever. God help him.

5 years ago

With an I.Q. of 167, Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, was a REAL genius. He was born in Illinois in 1942, graduated high school and entered Harvard at age 15, completed his PhD in Mathematics at 25, and became the youngest professor to be hired by the University of California, Berkeley that same year.