Kylie Jenner Got Her Lips Reinflated

Remember when Kylie Jenner got her lips deflated and started to look like a normal human being again? Apparently the appeal of getting a bunch of accolades for body positivity wore off and she got her lips filled full of whatever again, which will lead to a wave of body positivity articles congratulating her or accusations of cultural appropriation or something… I don’t think people even know what they’re mad about anymore.

Kylie posted this picture to her Instagram story, thanking the surgeon who filled her lips full of fix a flat or whatever they use.

That doesn’t actually look too bad, those things used to be cartoonishly oversized and now they look mostly human in proportion, for the time being. I have no doubt she’s going to go overboard again and won’t stop until her lips eclipse her nose like that Rolling Stones logo.

Of course, she probably started using again months ago, the signs were there.

Her lips look like she had them filled as far back as early August, so her experiment in being slightly less vain lasted about a week or so.

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