‘Superman’ TV Series Reportedly in Development at the CW After Henry Cavill’s Exit From the Role

Oh my God it’s happening! After seven years of the Arrowverse, the CW appears to be making a show about a superhero people have actually heard of. I know you’re about to send me a doctoral dissertation about how The Flash is actually really important to comic book history, but you can save that because we all know that The Flash isn’t Batman or Superman or Spider-Man. But Superman is. I just said Superman, pay attention. And Warner Brothers reportedly have a Superman series in development at the CW.

Yes, in reporting by FandomWire, which I would consider a rumor until it’s confirmed in the trades, this year’s crossover between Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl will serve as a stealth pilot for a Superman series starring Tyler Hoechlin as the Man of Steel and Elizabeth Tulloch as Lois Lane. That’s in addition to being a backdoor pilot for the Ruby Rose-led Batwoman series.

DC’s film division is in shambles at the moment. Basically, the only thing they’ve got on their schedule is movies with The Joker and Harley Quinn. The one thing they know they want is more Joker movies. It kind of reminds me of that Saturday Night Live skit where Christopher Walken keeps telling the Blue Oyster Cult their song needs more cowbell, only the cowbell is The Joker.

DC’s TV division, on the other hand, has been doing a hell of a job with the scraps that movies didn’t want. Well, and The Flash. They made a great Batman show by simply calling Batman Green Arrow and have taken Legends of Tomorrow, a show full of supporting characters that other shows didn’t know what to do with, and turned it into the only can’t miss superhero show on television. Even the Harley Quinn animated series with Kaley Cuoco looks good.

What that means is I’m hoping that this news is true. If the CW can make great shows about Green Arrow, Black Lightning, and even Black Canary and her motley crew of time travelling nobodies, then they are going to make something special with an honest-to-God Superman show. Not Superman as a little kid before he was Superman or Superboy without a costume or Superman: Year One the way their recent shows focused on big names heroes have been, but an actual Superman series. And without Dean Cain this time!

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