Ariana Grande and Her Mom Slammed Piers Morgan on Twitter So Hard He Threw His Own Son Under the Bus to Save Face

Piers Morgan’s celebrity is something of a mystery in that I’ve never met anyone who actually likes him. Today he’s very mad that one of the members of Little Mix, a British band formed on The X Factor called him a twat on BBC Radio. You’d think that someone who gets so mad about being called a twat would try being less of a twat, but that just isn’t the Piers Morgan way.

Piers is also very mad at Ellen DeGeneres for “drooling over” sexy men on her show on International Men’s Day. I feel like in life you have to pick your battles, and the battle not to pick is “Ellen DeGeneres is sexually objectifying men.”

Well, you know who has had enough of Piers’s bullshit, other than everyone who isn’t an English bloke over 50? Ariana Grande’s mom.

This is something that Piers, who remember is trying to prove the point that he’s not a huge misogynist, couldn’t let stand. So he told Joan Grande that he thinks her daughter is a whore.

I’m totally on board the “Piers Morgan isn’t a sexist piece of s**t” train now.

I feel like Ariana’s response here would have been stronger without the name of her new single in it. It’s like saying the title of the movie during the movie for any movie other than Dude, Where’s My Car?

Yes, absolutely not a sexist. “Slut shaming is good, actually” is a strong, feminist message. I mean, it is if you’re that video game YouTube lady or some other sex-negative feminist, I guess, but I don’t think that’s what Piers is going for.

I love how checkmarks all quote-tweet everything on Twitter so it’s nearly impossible to follow the conversation.

By the way, Ariana won the exchange in the end.

Do you see why people call him a twat on the BBC now? Despite dating Pete Davidson, she does have some standards, Piers. And rejection runs in the family.

Yikes. It’s embarrassing enough to be Piers Morgan’s kid, imagine him dunking on you on top of that.

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4 years ago

Someone should ask Ariana Grande’s mother if she was the one who taught her daughter to lick and spit on donuts while at donut shop in Lake Elsinore, California. Didn’t anyone ever teach Ariana not to spit and lick pastries at a public shop or is that a normal thing in their family? Her little girl walks around looking like 90’s jail bait, licks donuts, told the world that she “Hates America” and abandons England during a devastating terrorist attack brought on by her ‘brand’. Remember when your little girl said she hated America? What’s she saying about England behind… Read more »