Emily Ratajkowski Doesn’t Mind Paparazzi Taking Pictures of Her Nip Slips

Emily Ratajkowski popped out of her bikini on the set of a Bondi Beach photoshoot recently, and it was caught by paparazzi. But HollywoodLife reported that being caught with her boob out doesn’t really bother her.

“Emily is incredibly comfortable with her body, and really doesn’t have many insecurities at all, aside from a couple of places here and there that she’d like to perfect even more,” a source close to Emily EXCLUSIVELY shares with HollywoodLife.

“At home Emily walks around naked all the time, and in Europe she sunbaths topless,” our source claims.

Let’s face it, most of the clothes Emily wears are fighting a losing battle trying to keep her various parts covered to begin with. And I have to admit I’m probably not on their side in this battle.

This is the suit in question, in two additional colors. I mean, it’s doing it’s best. Godspeed, little swimsuit.

These other suits have a tough job keeping everything covered, too. They’re doing their best, but there’s only so much you can do with so little fabric. Not that we’d add a single stitch.

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