Gavin Rossdale’s Hot Young Model Girlfriend Sophia Thomalla Has a New Hot Young Athlete Boyfriend

One of the perks of having been a famous musician for about a week in the mid-1990s is you get to spend the rest of your life sleeping with women half your age, and most of them are models. Gavin even married Gwen Stefani back when that meant something, before she hooked up with the world’s sexiest fat guy.

Lately Gavin has been seen with 29-year-old model Sophia Thomalla, but it appears that fling had flung because Sophia’s been spotted with a 25-year-old soccer player. Via Us Weekly:

The German model, 29, was caught passionately kissing soccer player Loris Karius on a beach in Miami on Friday, December 28. The German goalkeeper for Süper Lig club Beşiktaş, on loan from premier league club Liverpool, 25, basked in the sun, shirtless in a lounger, while the blonde beauty, clad in a green bikini, leaned in for a smooch.

I can’t blame her, I’d rather have him than Gavin Rossdale, too. Do you know the name of the album Bush put out after Sixteen Stone? Neither do I. (It was Razorblade Suitcase. Thanks Wikipedia).

Her whole Instagram is in German, I don’t know how Rossdale even talked to her. I had assumed he must have convinced her he was interesting because he’s seriously lacking in the Big Dick Energy department. Maybe she just thought he was Eddie Vedder. He basically built his career on being a bargain-basement Eddie Vedder anyway, she’s German, she may not have gotten the translation rate and was telling people she met Eddie Vedder at Aldi.

That last picture is kind of extra. I know having to date Gavin Rossdale must have been a sacrifice, but come on.

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artcan saveus
artcan saveus
5 years ago

geez, whoever wrote this is a sleaze ball….Hate much?