Lil Pump Acts Like a Dickhead After Getting Arrested in Denmark

Thank you, Lil Pump for being such a great emissary and representative of our country to the rest of the world.

This week, the rapper Lil Pump (known for that irritating, ear bleeding 2017 song “Gucci Gang”) was scheduled to perform a gig in Denmark. However, that opportunity was flushed down the toilet when Lil Pump (f**k, I can’t believe I’m writing this dumbass name in complete seriousness) had to cancel the show after getting arrested.

We’re still not sure what exactly Lil Pump was initially arrested for (it hasn’t been confirmed yet), but it sounds like he and his buddies were in possession of an illegal substance [Ed. note: Turns out it was marijuana]. And of course, this little s**t has to continue to act like a dickhead by flipping off and cussing at Danish police officers behind their backs. And broadcast the entire situation on Instagram Live so we could all have a first-hand account of his fuckery.

Once the police found out about the video, this led to Lil Pump being detained for an even longer time which meant no concert for Copenhagen.

People of Copenhagen, I know that (shockingly) there are some of you that are actually disappointed to miss out on the chance to see Lil Pump live. However, consider yourselves so fortunate that you don’t have to witness some little jackass who disrespected your country’s law enforcement scream mind-numbingly inane, repetitive lyrics that on average would typically take up two weeks to exorcise from your brain.

Lil Pump has since been released from jail, but his release was contingent on the promise that he vacate the country ASAP (I’m sure Denmark’s law enforcement couldn’t wait to get rid of him). Hopefully, everyone is getting a refund for the concert, but if you’re really desperate for some Lil Pump in your life, you might be able to catch his next show in Oslo. Assuming Lil Pump doesn’t manage to get himself banned from Norway as well.

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