Olivia Culpo’s Greatest Cleavage Pic Ever

It’s almost Christmas and Olivia Culpo is here to giveth her gifts. Culpo, 26, made the greatest Instagram she ever posted. It shows her in a white top, bent over, with cleavage you could drive a truck through. Consider this a description for the seeing impaired so when they hear this, they’ll know how glorious Culpo is.

Culpo captioned her Instagram, “I’m back Instafam! I really missed you let’s hug 🤗 📸 @yutsai88”

Clever. Getting her fans to imagine hugging her fat breasts. Never mind she probably wouldn’t allow her mouth-breathing fans 250 feet within her sphere. 250 feet is generous, maybe 1000 feet. Then you’d have to battle Danny Amendola once you got close.

Culpo’s taken a break from Instagram since November 24th, but she’s made up for it with plenty of posts in the past few days. None as great as this one though.

There’s this one. It kinda comes close?

They call this “The Cosby Special.”

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