Sarah Hyland Shocked People Responded Negatively to Her Panhandling on the Internet

Celebrities: they’re just like us. For instance, when someone in their family has an unexpected expense, they start a GoFundMe campaign to pay for it. Wait, what? Don’t celebrities have money? And usually a lot of it? I know not every character actor is a millionaire and even recurring guests on popular shows might end up bagging groceries if the stars of those shows turn out to be rapists, but I think if you’re a regular cast member on television’s second-highest-rated sitcom you may have saved a few dollars by season 10.

Which is what makes it so weird that Sarah Hyland was asking her social media followers to donate to a GoFundMe campaign for her family members after her 14-year-old cousin was killed by a drunk driver. Which seems weird. Sarah Hyland doesn’t have Elon-Musk-Family-Ruby-Mine money but she’s making a few million dollars a year; she should be embarrassed to talk about how sad she is her cousin died and then ask strangers to pay for his funeral.

The internet agreed with that assessment.

Of course, Hyland did what anyone would do in this situation, log off Twitter.

I mean, I don’t think people are wrong to point out it’s unseemly for a millionaire to ask for money for something like this, but that doesn’t mean I think she should have to sit and listen to people tell her that, either.

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