Kylie Jenner Is Less Popular Than an Egg

As you may know, the most liked picture on Instagram is little newborn Stormi Jenner grabbing mom Kylie’s thumb. It makes sense, she has such cute tiny little fingers. It’s amazing how much babies resemble real people.

That is adorable and wholesome, and it has two Kardashians in it and neither one is throwing wine or having their face printed over remaindered Biggie and Tupac shirts or making a sex tape, so it’s a big moment for the whole family.

Well, Stormi’s fame was short-lived, because she has been usurped by an even younger baby. A baby animal so young it hasn’t even been born. That’s right, a humble chicken egg has become the most liked picture on Instagram.

Unlike the ongoing, unfolding YouTube drama between Pewdiepie and T-Series where a publicity blitz resulted in a sustained campaign to keep Pewdiepie at the top of the heap, there was no outpouring of love for the Kardashians and the egg overtook Kylie’s picture in about ten days. And by a lot, too, that thing is at 24 million likes at the time of this writing with no sign of slowing down.

Kylie took it in stride. I mean, for Kylie.

I want to believe that this is good-natured, but I just can’t give a Kardashian the benefit of the doubt. I mean, Kylie had a reality show called Life of Kylie, a play on the phrase life of Riley, which Wikipedia defines as “An ideal life of carefree prosperity and luxurious contentment,” which is really annoying when you’re the literal landed gentry.

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Julia hutchings
Julia hutchings
4 years ago

Ummm…babies are real people?