Millie Bobby Brown Thinks the Stalker From ‘You’ Was Super Romantic

Stranger Things / Screenshoot

I watched You with my girlfriend a few weeks ago because she likes stories about emotionally unstable men and I’m no fool, I do what she says so we have sex instead of a fight. We’ve been together long enough that she’s gone from swooning over Twilight to us making jokes about how controlling these characters are. Occasionally, when she’s going out with her best friend I’ll tell her I was feeling jealous, so I disassembled her car’s engine to keep her safe, and she’ll jokingly reply “Aww, that’s so romantic!” That sort of thing.

If you haven’t watched You, which was on Lifetime in September but gained a huge following after being streamed on Netflix starting at Christmas, here are some spoilers for you: it’s about a crazy guy who meets a girl, stalks her, kills her boyfriend and then best friend and dates her. Then they break up and she turns out to be almost as crazy, stalking him to get him back and away from his new girlfriend while sleeping with her therapist. Then he locks her in a cage under his bookstore, kills her and pins the blame on said therapist. We were absolutely howling with laughter by the end, where the guy is narrating something to the effect of “I think Beck would be okay with me murdering her because I love her so much I had no other choice.”

Oh, and the dead best friend was also stalking the female lead. It’s a mess. Everyone is stalking everyone.

Millie Bobby Brown thought it was super romantic, because she’s a teenager and teenagers are dumb.

Oh honey, we’re going to judge you, it’s the internet. In fact, people are still judging her on Twitter right now

Also, keep in mind Brown had just started watching the show, so it’s not like she got to the part where he’s killing a bunch of people and went “Awww, how sweet!” In fact, her opinion changed after she finished the show. Shocking, I know.

That’s kind of just the way the show is structured, you’re supposed to like the guy at first and be able to look past the fact that he’s a nutter. Even when he starts killing people, they’re not good people. Everyone loves it when Marvel heroes kill the bad guys, right? That’s what being a hero is, isn’t it? Yeah, think about that one for a while.

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