Was Conor McGregor Arrested for Attempted Rape?

The Irish Times reported today that a sports star was arrested in Dublin, Ireland in connection with a sexual assault that happened on December 9th. He was detained and released without charge. The woman only recently gave a formal statement to police after a friend of hers made a complaint. The alleged victim added that along with attempted rape, she was also physically assaulted by the man. Whoever it was turned himself in today and said he was willing to be interviewed.

Back in December, there was a more detailed report of a very similar incident involving an Irish sports star. In that incident, forensic samples were taken from a woman who they say was raped. The woman in that case didn’t remember how she ended up at the guy’s hotel.

In a totally unrelated story, a leak today showed Conor McGregor presented himself to police in connection with a recent assault allegation in Dublin.

Is Conor becoming another cautionary tale after making millions in MMA and boxing? Probably. According to rumors on Reddit and past stories from months ago, Conor’s been snorting up so much powder he could turn his nose into a black diamond slope.

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