Beyonce Bribing Fans With Concert Tickets to Become Vegan

If you didn’t know already, Beyonce and Jay-Z are both vegans, or at least mostly vegan. The bottom line is, they don’t eat meat. And now they’re trying to get their fans to go vegan (or at least a little greener) by promising free tickets to their concerts for life. Partnering with Greenprint, here are the details of the contest as posted on Beyonce’s Instagram account:

People can decide how green they’d like to go based on a drop-down menu where they can select: “All plants, All the time; Plant-based for breakfast; Plant-based at work; Two plant-based meals a day; Meatless Mondays; or Plant-based on weekdays.”

In a statement about this contest,  Beyonce and Jay-Z announced:

“We are not about promoting any one way of living your life. You decide what’s best for you. What we are encouraging is for everyone to incorporate more plant-based meals into their everyday lives.”

Cool, but still sounds like bribery to me.

But there’s a technicality. The concert tickets aren’t exactly “for life” as much as they’ll be for a maximum of the next thirty years, and that’s assuming Beyonce and Jay-Z are still touring at that time. Plus, I assume that the lucky fan is only getting the concert admittance ticket. Beyonce and Jay-Z perform all over the world. It sounds like this fan can go to any of their concerts, but the travel and lodging costs are probably going to be on them. And there’s no word on how good these tickets are in the way of location. For all we know, they could be in the upmost nose-bleed section.

Yeah, giving up bacon for Beyonce doesn’t sound worth it. I’ll keep living my meat-filled Beyonce-less life by chowing down on an Outback steak tonight.

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