Cyborg Senator Mitt Romney Blows out Birthday Candles Like a Lizard Person

Mitt Romney is a weird dude. I’m not just talking about the magic underwear and giving his kids names like “Tag” and “Sport” and “Dong”; he has this whole aww-shucks act going on that’s perfectly exemplified in this video of him blowing out birthday candles.

See, listen to that. “Oh my goodness,” “Look at that, holy cow.” he throws in a dad joke, going “What are you guys going to have?” It’s cute, and then… what the damn hell? He pulls off the candles one at a time and blows them out away from the cake. What kind of person does that?

This did not go unnoticed by Twitter.

This is 100%, true, by the way, Mitt Romney ironed his clothes after putting them on in a documentary about his run for the White House.

Some people have pointed out this is more hygienic, but that doesn’t make it acceptable.

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