Chris Brown Has a New Model Girlfriend, I Expect Him to Drop Some Sick Beats Any Day Now

Things haven’t been great for Chris Brown, but they haven’t been super bad either. Ever since Ronan Farrow dropped that story about Harvey Weinstein, people have been paying a lot more attention to sexual misconduct against women, but they’ve been going pretty east on the whole “beating the s**t out of women” thing has mainly gotten a pass. In fact, CHVRCHES have been getting rape and death threats for mentioning that Chris Brown and Tyga have been accused of physical abuse.

But Chris Brown has a new girlfriend who seems not to care about his greatest hits. Page Six has spotted him out and about with model Indyamarie.

Wow, she is very attractive. She is going to look great on a neck tattoo.

She looks like a nice girl. I just hope she took a few self defense classes at the Y.

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