Offset Just Got Cardi B Back, Now He’s In Legal Trouble Over His Gun

Fun fact: felons generally aren’t allowed to have guns. I’m not sure how I feel about that because while I believe that we need to stop punishing people who have paid their debt to society with things like long-term bans on certain things, I’d put a lot more energy into getting voting rights for felons reinstated rather than gun rights. But the law is what it is and when you have a kid you probably shouldn’t have guns to begin with anyway.

Offset has a young child (who is adorable, by the way) and he’s a convicted felon, so he really shouldn’t have a gun. But he did and cops found it during a traffic stop for an improper lane change. Now TMZ is reporting that Offset is facing felony charges for having a gun while being a convicted felon.

Prosecutors filed 3 charges against the rapper in February, stemming from his July 2018 arrest where he was pulled over for allegedly making an improper lane change.

The Clayton County D.A.’s Office tells TMZ … Offset’s facing a felony charge for firearms possession by a convicted felon, along with misdemeanor charges for marijuana possession and that lane change.

How is an improper lane change a misdemeanor and not an infraction?

He entered a plea of not guilty last month and his next court date is scheduled for May.

We broke the story … the Migos rapper’s lawyer believes Offset was targeted because he’s rich, successful and black, and believes the cop’s initial traffic stop was completely bogus.

Having lived on this planet for more than a single day, that seems incredibly likely. But you gotta get your s**t together, Offset. Cardi B took you back, you have a kid, you have to step it up and not have a gun. You don’t need a gun, you have “hire a guy to hold my gun and weed” money now.

Look at little Kulture, she’s so cute!

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