Chinese MMA Fighter Exposing Traditional Martial Arts Got His Credit Score Lowered

China is really living in the future that one Black Mirror episode predicted. All Chinese citizens now have a credit score that determines if they’re eligible for things such as buying property, renting rooms, staying at hotels or even taking the high-speed train. Chinese MMA fighter Xu Xiadong can no longer do any of these as the Chinese courts have lowered his credit score to Level-D.

Why would China do this? Because, no matter how ridiculous they look, they hold their traditional martial arts in high regard and Xu Xiadong has been on a crusade to expose each and every Wing Chun, Tai Chi and Kung Fu master. It’s not a high watermark considering the most powerful weapon a Tai Chi master has is how hard he can exhale on you.

Because of the ban, he spent 36 hours on a regular train in order to get to his next fight against tai chi grandmaster Chen Xiaowang. Chen is a 19th generation lineage holder of Chen family taijiquan and one of the few holders of the rank of 9th Duan Wei, a martial arts honour granted by the Chinese Wushu Association.

Just to be able to fight Chen, Xu had to wear clown make-up and had to use the name Xu Dong Gua, which translates to winter melon. If he didn’t, organizers would pull the live stream. Xu did all that and beat Chen like he owed him money.

Afterward, Chen sued Xu for defamation and now he has to pay a fine of $60,000. Xu also has to apologize to Chen on social media for 7 straight days. You also won’t be able to search for him in China because he’s been wiped from the search engines. China takes their ineffective martial arts super seriously.

Obviously the guy isn’t too happy about it.

China is just motivating this guy to beat up more of its 50-year-old martial arts population. Pretty soon you’re going to see this guy rampaging through the park throwing hands at all the elderly people practicing tai chi.

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