Diplo Totally Ruined Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Wedding

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are going to have a fantastic wedding in France this summer. I’m sure it’ll cost thousands and include a live sacrifice of a peacock or something. Whatever is planned, it’ll be a nice do-over as Diplo totally ruined their wedding ceremony in Vegas because he live-streamed the whole thing on Instagram and put those dog-face filters on them.

First off, Joe jokingly said, “Yeah, he did ruin it.” Then, he basically said Diplo is the type of person whose parents definitely should’ve shamed him for being on his phone all the time. He added, “I love Diplo, but he loves his ‘gram more than a 13-year-old. He posts every five seconds. He literally, like, live-streamed with dog-face filters.”

Joe said, “We just laughed. We loved it. We thought it was ridiculous, and I just love that he was walking into the chapel and he was like, ‘going to hit this wedding real quick,’ [in his Instagram Story].”

You know what would really ruin a wedding? Your mom getting really drunk and hooking up your groomsman. On a scale of 1 to ruined, Diplo streaming you saying “I do” ranks about a 2. Your mom getting railed by your best friend in the men’s restroom? That’s gotta be at least a 8.

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