Emily Ratajkowski’s New Bikini Style Is So Tiny She May As Well Not Wear Anything

Emily Ratajkowski is my favorite business person. She’s famous for being naked in a music video and she parlayed that into a clothing empire. Kind of. It’s an empire but her clothes barely qualify as clothing.

Take for example this bikini she’s modelling, called the Las Olas.

I can only guess Las Olas is Spanish for “The barely-covered vagina” because wow.

Oh, and she has more styles if that one is too bold for you.

That looks like the same top, and it barely covers anything. That is a nip slip waiting to happen for most women. God bless you, Emily.

That looks like the same “hope you had a bikini wax” bottom with a different top. Is a lip slip thing? Because it seems likely to be a thing in that bikini bottom.

Ratajkowski is only 5’7″ according to Google but she looks around seven feet tall in those heels.

She also sells bikinis for women who would like to keep all their bits covered at the beach, which is smart but a lot less fun.

And a one piece even. She’s thought of everything.

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