How to Become UFC’s Most Unlikable Fighter Brought to You by Henry Cejudo’s Post-Fight Speech

On June 8, Henry Cejudo, the King of Cringe, came back from behind to TKO Marlon Moraes to become the UFC’s latest double champ. Cejudo, which I bet many of you don’t know has an Olympic gold medal, had previously beaten Demetrious Johnson, then considered the world’s pound for pound best, to become the flyweight champion.

He then faced TJ Dillashaw, the then bantamweight champ, who dropped down a weight class at the behest of Dana White to kill off the flyweight division. Cejudo KO’d Dillashaw in the first round. The flyweight division was saved.

Eventually, TJ Dillashaw became the most disliked UFC fighter after getting caught for EPO. Dillashaw was forced to relinquish his belt which brought us to Saturday night where Cejudo and Moraes fought for the vacant title.

But if you thought there wasn’t much anyone could do to be more disliked than Dillashaw, then you haven’t been following Cejudo during and after the fight.

Here’s Cejudo at the stare down with Moraes who could only cringe.

Embracing the cringe, Cejudo gave his own poor man’s Conor post-fight speech. With each word, my respect for him lowered and lowered. Note how he called out Dominick Cruz, an old and always injured fighter, and Urijah Faber who’s old and retired. He may as well asked for a fight with someone’s disabled grandpa.

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