Marcia Cross’ Ass Cancer Linked to Husband’s Throat Cancer, Do the Math

Appearing on CBS This Morning on Wednesday, Marcia Cross revealed that the anal cancer she recovered from was most likely linked to her husband Tom Mahoney’s throat cancer which he was diagnosed with in 2009. If you’re not able to read into that, let me spell it out for you. Tom Mahoney ate out Marcia Cross’ ass on the regular and probably gave her anal HPV. On the flipside, Marcia Cross has a keeper. Don’t let that man go, Marcia!

“I know that there are people who are ashamed,” Cross told CBS. “You have cancer! Do you have to then also feel ashamed like you did something bad because it took up residence in your anus? I mean, come on, really. There’s enough on your plate.”

In another piece of info which you’ll probably think I’m making up, Marcia was able to get through her diagnosis with the help of a group of girlfriends who call themselves the Anal Angels. Did she find this group on Pornhub because I think we know the same people.

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