Amanda Seyfried Came for an Instagram Model For Being Too Thin

The great internet weight debate continued today when Amanda Seyfried came after an instagram model for being too thin. The model in question is called Arielle Charnas and she has a decent following, but Amanda and her friend weren’t happy that Charnas is as thin as she is after having two kids.

The thing that bothers me is the last point, “why not focus on these things that are important to me instead of what you’re doing.” Like yeah, politics is great but someone has to write about celebrities, boobs and celebrity boobs.

Let’s take a look at the woman Seyfried is tearing down here.

I mean, she looks fine. She’s thin and doesn’t have much going on in the boob department, but she’s not emaciated.

It’s not like her bones are jutting out here, she’s just petite. Women are allowed to be petite.

By the way, there were way more people in this woman’s comments telling her she’s unhealthy then there were in the comments of the enormously fat woman Miley Cyrus posted the other day.

Seyfried walked back her attack, kind of, but stressed that petite women should wear burkas if they need to post on social media so no one thinks they have to be petite, too. Which, I mean, you don’t have to be petite, but it’s also fine if you are.

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