Senator Lindsey Graham Has Strong Feelings on Tom Cruise’s Wardrobe in ‘Top Gun’ Sequel

There’s a new Top Gun movie coming soon for some reason, was anyone really clamoring for this? Well, I guess Senator Lindsey Graham was, but I can’t imagine why.

That explains a lot of why Graham is interested in it, actually. But I want to make it clear then when I compare Senator Graham to Waylan Smithers, I’m not being homophobic, I just mean that he’s a snivelling, spineless toady.

How much sand do you think they had to pile in front of that net to make it some Tom Cruise could spike a ball over it, by the way? I mean, I guess they had it from the ditch they dug for Val Kilmer to walk in when the two were in frame together.

Unsurprisingly, in an impromptu conversation with TMZ, Graham was asked about Tom Cruise’s outfit in Top Gun: Maverick, specifically that it had been altered by the Chinese investors in the film to remove the Japanese and Taiwanese flags.

Graham says that it “sucks,” which I don’t think is appropriate language for a Senator. But he’s still going to watch it because of course he is, it glorifies the military and has shirtless men, Lindsey Graham is basically the entire target audience.

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