People Are Predictably Mad About Dave Chappelle’s Dark and Hilarious New Special, ‘Sticks and Stones’

Dave Chappelle has a new special on Netflix, called Sticks and Stones and good lord is it hilarious. I’ve always liked the sort of comedy Chappelle has started doing in the later days of his career, which is probably best described as “touching the stove.”

It’s the sort of comedy Woody Allen or Sarah Silverman might have done, the sort of jokes that leave you saying “You can’t say that!” as you’re laughing at the thing they just said.

What exactly does Chappelle say in his set? He starts by talking about Anthony Bourdain’s suicide and how he killed himself despite having the best job imaginable. He has a section about the LGBT community as four people in a car that really hits the nail on the head. He defends Michael Jackson, Kevin Hart and Louis C.K. and has some jokes about school shootings. Basically, everything that he’s been told he can’t say, he says.

He basically predicts that people will be mad at him and he was right.

But if I were to tell the actual truth, Dave Chappelle is actually wrong about this. Because I had to scroll through a ton of tweets to find any that were actually disapproving, the broad consensus on Twitter is that Dave Chappelle is hilarious, which is why Netflix paid him millions of dollars to film comedy specials exclusively for them.

Way more people are mad at Vice’s negative review of the special than the special itself. As a side note, if a publication runs down Dave Chappelle and brings in half a dozen comics no one has ever heard of to tell you how great Nanette was, maybe don’t take their advice on comedy.

I liked the new special, but I’m sure you’re going to read more than one article about how “the internet is outraged about Chappelle.” And what I want you to keep in mind is that it’s pretty easy to present just the tweets like the ones I used and present them as the whole story, and it’s going to happen. Maybe to tear Dave down, maybe to defend him, but either way… most people loved this special.

And like he himself says during the special, “If you’re at home watching this s**t on Netflix, remember, bitch, you clicked on my face.” No one was accidentally offended by this special. People either watched it because they like Chappelle or because they wanted to be offended. But there are a lot more people in the first camp.

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