Kid Rock Made A Bigger Ass of Himself Than Usual When He Came For Taylor Swift

As you may know, Kid Rock is a pretty outspoken Republican who loves Donald Trump. This probably has less to do with his image as a redneck country boy and more to do with him actually being a spoiled rich kid who grew up in a house with a tennis court and parents who complained about the capital gains tax rate. Yeah, he doesn’t want you to know that, he’s just a good old country boy who grew up on an estate that probably has a name like “Rosewood Gardens” or something with the n-word in it.

Kid Rock, who isn’t a kid and doesn’t rock, popped his head out from obscurity to be mad at Taylor Swift for not agreeing with him on politics.

Even setting aside the dumbass thing he says, what kind of dipshit signs a tweet like it’s a letter to the editor?

If Rock… Okay, his real name is Bob Ritchie and I’m not calling a nearly-fifty-year-old man “Kid Rock.” If Ritchie wanted to make everyone hate him more than they already did, well, mission accomplished.

But one tweet actually really nailed the entire situation better than anyone else even hoped to.

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