Michelle Wie Shows Off Her Ass

We all know how hot Michelle Wie is, hell, we put all all of Michelle Wie’s hottest pics in one place for you.

Wie knows it too, I guess? She shared a pic of herself on Instagram, ass to the camera, walking off somewhere.

She captioned her Instagram:

AUTOMATIC REPLY: Currently out of the office. Will get back to you on Monday, I’m on my way to get some more Rosé with my girls @kirakazantsev @jeehaeda💁🏻‍♀️

She seems to be in a much better mood than a month ago when she tearfully said she may retire because of her arthritic wrists.

At the Women’s P.G.A. Championship, she mourned after shooting an 84:

“I’m not entirely sure how much more I have left in me,” the 29-year-old Wie said, choking back tears. “So even on the bad days, I’m just like trying to take time to enjoy it. But it’s tough, I just love being out here.”

Wie continued, through her tears, “luckily, I have dis ass right here.”

*sniffs* Yes Michelle, yes you do.

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1 year ago

this young lady has beauitful legs in the world