Was the Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Feud Set Up for Clout?

People will do some insane things for clout. Like pretend to marry Jake Paul. Like, even if it isn’t real, why would someone do that to themselves? Especially someone so hot. She could fake marry someone way better.

Chance the Rapper thinks that Cardi B’s feud with Nicki Minaj was faked for clout, too; except he doesn’t think that they faked it, or were even aware it was being faked.

Complex reported on what Chance said about the feud.

“A lot of that stuff is produced,” he said at the 1:12:40 mark of the interview. “We live in… A lot of everything is curated before we get to see it. Like, all the information, the way that they phrase it to us… The way they put people against. It’s made for you to like, accept it a certain way, so a lot of people had to choose a side. I don’t want to speak for them at all, but I feel like to a certain extent they got pushed into that too, and I don’t think that all of that was a hundred percent their feelings.”

What he’s essentially saying is that they didn’t know they were being set up to fight by their managers or producers or someone who thought it would bring them more attention.

It makes sense, and it kind of worked. I talk about it a lot and I’m not even all that interested in their music. Well, I do think Cardi is super hot and has good politics, but I don’t really listen to her music, so this has got their names out there.

but it will be interesting to think that when Cardi finally hauls off and plasters Nicki, it will be because of a publicity stunt she wasn’t aware of.

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