Miami Police Officer in Hot Water After Making Video With Three ‘Playboy’ Models

Did you know there were rules for police officers? They certainly don’t act like the rules apply to them and the legal system very rarely acts like the rules apply to them, but they do. This is the lesson Officer William Beeker is learning after being suspended from the force for appearing in a video with some former Playboy models.

So if you’re keeping score at home, pretending to arrest scantily-clad models gets you a suspension, murdering unarmed black men gets you a commendation.

The Miami New Times reports this isn’t Officer Beeker’s first brush with sexy videos.

This is not the first time even in the past 30 days that a Miami-area cop has been caught in a sexually inappropriate clip: At the end of September, a WTVJ investigative report uncovered footage of off-duty City of Miami cops standing around in a circle as a woman stood atop an MPD cruiser and twerked in front of them. For departments that historically have been staggeringly poor at investigating rapes, sexual assaults, domestic violence, and crimes against women, the videos raise huge red flags about whether certain cops are fit for duty. (In 2016, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement found that a stunning 27 percent of untested rape kits statewide were sitting dormant in Miami-area police precincts, for example.)

Yikes, this story took a decidedly serious turn. Let’s just look at some pictures of Francia James, the model who posted this video.

Yeah, that’s better. No worrying about the decline of civilization here, just boobs.

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